An open-source (LLGPL) implementation of SOAP for Common Lisp.

Ultimately, this library will implement the full SOAP 1.1 spec ( ), both the client and server parts, using both HTTP and HTTPS as transports as well as the WSDL 1.1 spec ( ) and the XML Schema Definition spec ( and ) on as many CL implementations as possible. Interoperability with various other SOAP implementations and applications will be possible.

Phase 1 (First Delivery Target)

Installation Instructions


Currently, phase 1 (and then some) has been implemented.

Debugging and Reporting Errors

Common Lisp is a way better environment to develop and experiment with something like SOAP than more mainstream languages like C, C++, Java or C#. The listener, debugger and inspector are your friends! To help in debugging, the following features were added to CL-SOAP. The global variable cl-soap:*debug-stream* is the main toggle to enable debugging. When NIL, debugging is disabled. Otherwise, set it to some stream where you want debugging output to be written to. For example, in a listener, do (setf *debug-stream* *standard-output*). This will result in the outgoing and incoming literal XML being written to that stream. Furthermore, on each call, two more globals will be assigned: cl-soap:*last-soap-call-xml* and cl-soap:*last-soap-result-xml* will contain the LXML DOM representation of the XML of the outgoing SOAP call envelope and of the incoming SOAP result envelope respectively. Since this is a DOM representation, it is actually equal to what CL-SOAP produced before handing it off to S-XML to be rendered and to what the S-XML parser produced (so it is already an interpretation) respectively. A little convenience function called (cl-soap:report-soap-call) will pretty print these last two variables.

When reporting problems with CL-SOAP, please include a listener transcript produced with debugging enabled, with a full backtrace (in LispWorks issue a :bb for example) and a call to (report-soap-call). Also, if you want the CL-SOAP team or community to be able to help you, it will help enormeously if the service that you are calling is available on the internet.

Next Phase(s) (Future)

Technical Notes

This project depends on an XML parser. The S-XML parser ( has been extended to support some necessary features (namespaces for now). The code for these additions to S-XML has not yet been released, and is only available in the CVS repository. Some documentation of the XML Namespace feature in S-XML can be found in this mailing list message.

HTTP client and server code will be abstracted out and be made pluggable as to avoid unnecessary dependencies on other (larger) projects. For now, a simple HTTP client has been added to the source code.

Organizational Notes

The project lead for CL-SOAP is Sven Van Caekenberghe ( ). Initial financial backing will be provided by Memetrics Pty Limited, Australia ( ) and Beta Nine BVBA, Belgium ( ). Initial development was done by Sven Van Caekenberghe (Beta Nine) with testing by Alain Picard (Memetrics).

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